Mid face

Mid face

With the Merz Aesthetics Scales, you will find a comprehensive rating system to measure skin changes of the mid face and evaluate treatment success.

  • Infra-orbital hollow

    Infra-orbital hollow – at rest

    0=No hollowness | 1=Mild hollowness | 2=Moderate hollowness | 3=Severe hollowness | 4=Very severe hollowness

  • Upper cheek fullness

    Upper cheek fullness

    0=Full upper cheek | 1=Mildly sunken upper cheek | 2=Moderately sunken upper cheek | 3=Severely sunken loupper wer cheek | 4=Very severely sunken upper cheek

  • Lower cheek fullness

    Lower cheek fullness – at rest

    0=Full lower cheek | 1=Mildly sunken lower cheek | 2=Moderately sunken lower cheek | 3=Severely sunken lower cheek | 4=Very severely sunken lower cheek

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