Neck, Platysmal and Hands

Neck, Platysmal and Hands

With the Merz Aesthetics Scales, you will find a comprehensive rating system to measure skin changes of neck and hand and evaluate treatment success.

  • Neck volume

    Neck volume – at rest

    scales neck volume at rest

    0=No sagging | 1=Mild sagging | 2=Moderate sagging | 3=Severe sagging | 4=Very severe sagging

  • Platysmal Bands

    Platysmal Bands – Dynamic

    scales neck platysmal bands

    0=No relevent prominence of platysmal bands | 1=Mild prominence of platysmal bands | 2=Moderate prominence of platysmal bands | 3=Severe prominence of platysmal bands | 4=Very severe prominence of platysmal bands

  • Hands

    Validated hand grading scale

    Validated hand grading scale

    0=No loss of fatty tissue | 1=Mild loss of fatty tissue; slight visibility of veins | 2=Moderate loss of fatty tissue; mild visibility of veins | 3=Severe loss of fatty tissue; moderate visibility of veins | 4=Very severe loss of fatty tissue; marked visibility of veins bands

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